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Politically Correct Economics

Tidbits from the back cover:


An Afterthought by Chuck Holmes

This book was not intended to be about Barack Obama.  I began jotting down the principles that became the Manifesto of Politically Correct Economics some ten years ago, some time before I knew there was a budding politician named Barack Hussein Obama.  I was writing a parody of what the economy would look like when the politically correct took over. Mr. Obama is a perfect fit.  There is not one of the articles of the manifesto that he does not support.  After observing Mr. Obama’s first few weeks in office, it  would seem that I have unintentionally written the first book on Obamanomics 

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Other People’s Money

The difference between Charity and Theft. The difference between noble and nefarious
Have you noticed that people who are most generous with your money are most stingy with their own

Socialists hate private charity, because they want to spend your money on what they want, not on what you want. Voluntary programs are less subject to abuse because the donor can refuse to give. “Entitlements” are a license to demand and to steal. Socialism produces a nation of leeches “entitled” to use the force of government  to help themselves to “free” food, housing, and medical care at your expense. Why work?

The solution is to get the government out of the "charity" business. Don't vote to "give" your money to the politicians, regardless of how noble the cause sounds. Don't approve the use of force to"redistribute income" following the whims of politicians. They have no "Divine Right" to do this to us.
Pay a lot less tax and give more to your favorite church or other voluntary organization.  It will be a lot less expensive, and will allow us all to keep control of our resources (otherwise known as "Freedom").  Tithe, don't tax.

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